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Aryaflex Elastomeric Insulation

Aryaflex is flexible closed cell and lightweight based on rubber foam with smooth and durable surface skin.
It is designed for insulating tube lines and air ducts in HVAC systems.
Aryaflex is manufactured for the first time in Iran by Mehrad Lastic Sanat Arya Company. Arayflex insulations have special advantages over the traditional insulations such as glass wool or rock wool:

  • Low Thermal coductivity (0.03 wat/m.k)
  • Stable thermal conductivity during service, due to its dense surface skin and closed cell characteristic.
  • Excellent UV, ozone and weather resistance.
  • Exellent moisture & vapor resistance whitout usingadditional vapor barriers or covers.
  • Highly flexible, easy to install for heating, cooling, refrigeration and air conditions piping.
  • CFC and halogen free and environment friendly.
  • Whit Flame and fire retarder additives.
  • Nontoxic and allergenic material.
  • Aryaflex due to its nonpolar composition and saturated back bone molecules has got excellent ultraviolet and Ozone resistance properties. There are no reaction with cupper or metals and it resists microbiological and fungi growth. Aryaflex has been favored over fibrous insulating material mainly because of the possible dangers and health concerns with the use of fibrous material. Besides being the ideal insulation for many kinds of HVAC systems Aryaflex also used efficient acoustical absorber and has excellent properties in noise reduction. Fire retarder additives are added to the Aryaflex compound. It means it will not contribute significantly to fire. Aryaflex has been used widely for energy saving and preventing condensation on HVAC systems.

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